Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Naked Face

A while back one of the popular Djs in the country, Dj Sbu asked this question on his show ( The Sound Revival) : Whose face you wouldn’t wanna have at all? And Whose face you would rather have? Well, the listeners needed to make their choice out of people in the public eye form South Africa and anywhere else in the world. If I were to answer that question I guess in my case I wouldn’t wanna be caught dead in the face of one Dr. Blade Nzimande. The simple reason being it is a peasant face. A face that says to the world, “I grew up in deprivation”. It is a face of anger .I bet it takes a lot of energy to be constantly having that scowl. For that kind of face to have any semblance of decency it would need a very rigorous cosmetic work. You know, your facelift… botox … or whatever it is that women go through to get that “look” that says hey , “I am young , hip and happening”. On the flip side, I would opt to have a face that women find attractive …say George Clooney-ish…Brad Pitt-ish. If I want to be more endearing I could go the intellectual route and get Joel Netshitendzhe’ s face. I bet that will give me 10 points in my IQ. Gee imagine that! For it is the face that says ,“here comes the Policy – making guru, the intellectual par- excellence”. Anyway, if wishes were horses…..

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