Sunday, August 5, 2007

First things first... proposed table of contents

Yo Susan... well done on taking the initiative! Excellent work!

Now, who had that proposed table of contents? That would be a great place to start.

And a great tool to use for this project would be the 'Labels for this post' innovation Blogger has added to the mix.

When you're composing a blog post, you'll find the 'Labels for this post' field at the bottom of the text entry box, just above the green button that says 'Append Tags'.

'Tags' and 'Labels' are different things.
Tags are used to categorise a particular blog post in Technorati, a blog-search engine. It's always good practice to make Technorait tags, cos it makes the blog more easily findable in the world at large. See the examples below.

Labels are something different. And VERY powerful for the purposes of team-writing a book. They are INTERNAL category markers for the blog itself. And can be used to sift information. So, any blog post can have multiple labels. This post, for instance, could be labelled 'admin', and 'how-to'.

You can do a 'sort' by label. So, for instance, say you only wanted to see posts labelled 'how-to', you'd click the 'how-to' label on the blog, and this post would be the earliest one in the list of posts.

I propose that there be a single-word label for each chapter, so that when someone writes a post for a particular chapter, they can label it with that word, so that all info pertaining to that topic can be collated easily.

Team members who have editing permission can change or amend labels too.

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