Monday, August 6, 2007

Lesley and Wanjiku at HDA

When Lesley and Wanjiku pitched at my workplace today it reminded me of my first days at primary school. Those were the most intimidating days for a young soul then, having to separate with my mother and having to spend the rest of the day with other kids, shouting our names at the instruction of our teachers! It would be a different experience however when my mother would come for a meeting at the school and then take the chance to visit me at my class. A sight of her would invoke a sense of being loved, protected and safe from scoundrels that could stalk me at the absence of my mother.
These are the same feelings I had this morning when Lesley and Wanjiku came to visit me at Health and Development Africa (Pty) Ltd. Being visited increases one’s self esteem and boosts one’s sense of belonging and sense of purpose. It makes the world around you to realize that you also have a belonging that defines your present and past. And that what constitutes your personality is a totality of the efforts that flow from the people who make the foundation of your successes.
I have no language to express my measureless gratitude for the ongoing support that comes from Lesley, Wanjiku, all the WoW interns and its patrons.

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